Late 19th Century

Probably around 1860. In the book about his 1894 voyage to Bri­tain, he calls himself a lad of more than thir­ty sum­mers.


Butler was living in Cam­den, New Jer­sey, in 1894. His works in­clude:

  1. Beacon Light, The
  2. Bethany
  3. Bible, ’Tis the World’s Great Light, The
  4. Christ Has Come to Live with Me
  5. Christ Rescued Me
  6. Christ Speaks of One
  7. Christ, the Fairest of the Fair
  8. Cleansing Blood, The
  9. Come to the Rescue
  10. Faith in Christ, the Bleeding Lamb
  11. Gate of Mercy Open Stands, The
  12. Hallelujah, Now I’m Free
  13. Hark! from the World’s Great Harvest Field
  14. Here, Beneath This Shadowy Bower
  15. Home at Last with Christ, My Savior
  16. Home, Precious Home
  17. I Do Not Know Why Trials Severe
  18. I Once Was Far Away from the Savior
  19. I Sat Within a Home One Day
  20. I Will Sing
  21. I’m Sinking in the Sea of Sin
  22. In That City
  23. It Broke Up My Heart of Stone
  24. It Is Good to Be Here
  25. Jesus Brought Me Back
  26. Jesus Heals Broken Hearts
  27. Jesus Makes My Heaven Here
  28. Jesus Shall Wipe All Tears Away
  29. Joyful Tidings
  30. Living Waters
  31. My Mother’s Face
  32. No Other Name
  33. No Sorrow in That City
  34. O Listen, Poor Sinner
  35. Old Jordan’s Waves I Do Not Fear
  36. Only Refuge, The
  37. Our Lord Is Risen
  38. Picture Bright in Tints of Gold, A
  39. Precious Words of Jesus
  40. Promised Home, The
  41. Say, Who’s Your Pilot?
  42. Sinner, Come to Jesus
  43. Sinner, Haste to Jesus
  44. Sinner Like Me, A
  45. Sinner, What Then?
  46. Some Glad Day
  47. Song in the Old Church
  48. Soon I Shall Know
  49. Tell It to Every Sinner
  50. Though Old Hearth Stone
  51. To This Dark World Long Years Ago
  52. To Yonder Blissful Home I’m Bound
  53. True Vine, The
  54. We’ll Meet to Part No More
  55. Where Jesus Is, ’Tis Heaven
  56. Where Jesus Is, There Is No Night
  57. While Out on Life’s Dark, Stormy Sea