September 7, 1867, Ohio.

May 25, 1935, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Home of Peace Cemetery, Porterville, California.

Son of Samuel F. Butts & Hannah Colton, Benjamin studied music at a young age. He started in business in Kansas City, but entered the evangelism field in 1888. He married three times: To Eva Grace Lambright (1867–1941), Mary Emma Rawlings (1869–1919), and Onna Barrett Mills (1896–1963). His works include:

  1. Saw My Mother Kneeling
  1. Chantilly
  2. Guayabera
  3. I Know He’s Mine
  4. In Which Port Will Your Anchor Be Cast?
  5. Power for Service
  6. Quiet Hour, The
  7. Secret Place of Prayer, The

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