1853, Belfast, New York.

October 2, 1933, Belfast, New York.

Riverside Cemetery, Belfast, New York.

Son of Eli and Julia Ann Perry Butterfield, and husband of Della Samantha Cole, Butterfield lived in Belfast, New York from at least 1870 until his death. He seems to have had an address in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1930 (a winter home?) as well as Belfast. His works include:

  1. Are You Weary in Life’s Journey?
  2. Beautiful Wreath Garlands
  3. Blessed Thought, When Life Is Done
  4. Come to Jesus, Are You Lonely?
  5. Come to Jesus, Are You Weary?
  6. Dear Jesus, How Often
  7. Do All the Good That You Can
  8. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
  9. I Love Jesus, He’s My Savior
  10. Jesus, I Come to Thee
  11. Jesus Is Calling
  12. O God, I Lift My Voice to Thee
  13. Onward, Onward, Heralds
  14. Praise the Name of Christ
  15. Sing Them Over Again to Me
  16. Someone Will Enter
  17. Though Humble and Lowly My Cottage
  18. When We Reach the Heavenly Home
  19. You Tell Me of a City
  1. Fulneck