September 8, 1847, Arendtsville, Pennsylvania.

October 15, 1929, Peoria, Illinois.

Prairie Township Cemetery, Holmesville, Ohio.

Bushey was a singing school teacher. His works include:

  1. Going Home, Yes, Going Home!
  2. In Our Father’s Heavenly Mansions
  3. It May Not Be My Way
  4. Jesus Wept! Those Tears Are Over
  5. Just Beside the River Angels Wait
  6. My House Is Built upon a Rock
  7. O How Sad to Part with Loved Ones
  8. O Welcome, Bright Morning
  9. Oh, the Time Is Speeding
  10. One by One Our Loved Ones Leave Us
  11. Round the Father’s Throne in Heaven
  12. Savior, Dear Savior, O Show Me the Way
  13. Savior Is Watching by Night and by Day, The
  14. See Our Banner Brightly Waving
  15. Sinner, Come, O Come Tonight
  16. There Is No Death!
  17. We Are Battling for the Right
  18. When Clouds, Sin, Temptation and Fear
  19. When Doubts and Temptation and Fear
  1. Beautiful Home Above
  2. Golden Shore
  3. O Why Not Tonight?

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