July 23, 1803, Strat­ford, West Ham, Es­sex, England.

January 22, 1877, Strat­ford, West Ham, Es­sex, England.

J. B. Essex.

A popular hymn writer for children, Burton worked as a cooper in Strat­ford for about 50 years, and served as a deacon at the Congregationalist chapel he attended.

His contributions to hym­no­dy began in 1822, when he sent his first effort to the Evan­gel­i­cal Magazine. He continued to contribute to that and other periodicals for many years. His works include:

  1. Children Who Are Gone to Glory
  2. Children, You Have Gone Astray
  3. Come, Let Us Sing Our Maker’s Praise
  4. Father of Mercies, Hear
  5. God Is Love, Delightful Truth
  6. Happy Would It Be for Me
  7. Hark! A Still Small Voice Is Heard
  8. Heavenly Father, We Draw Near Thee
  9. I Often Say My Prayers
  10. Lord Attends When Children Pray, The
  11. None Is Like God
  12. O Thou That Hearest Prayer
  13. Pilgrims We Are and Strangers
  14. Remember Thy Creator Now
  15. Savior, While My Heart Is Tender
  16. That Kind Eye Which Cannot Sleep
  17. Though We Are Young, Our Sins Are Great
  18. We Do Not Love Thee as We Ought
  19. Why Did Jesus Come from Heaven?
  20. Why Should We Spend Our Youthful Days?

Burton’s burial place