1840, Swannington, Leicestershire, Eng­land.

After Burton’s parents emigrated to Am­er­i­ca, he studied at Bel­oit College, Wis­con­sin, graduating with honors.

He served as a Me­tho­dist Epis­co­pal minister for a time, then returned to Eng­land and entered the Wes­ley­an ministry in 1865, working chiefly in Lan­ca­shire and Lon­don.

As of 1911, Burton was living in Charn­wood, West Kir­by, Birk­en­head, Che­shire, Eng­land.

His works in­clude:

  1. Break, Day of God, Oh Break
  2. Break, Day of Kosmon, Break
  3. Cling, Brothers, Cling
  4. Come, for the Feast Is Spread
  5. Complete! O Sweet and Heavenly Word
  6. Day Is Past, the Shadows Round Are Falling, The
  7. Did You Hear the Angry Word?
  8. Gather Them in at the Master’s Call
  9. Have You Had a Kindness Shown?
  10. I Hear the Bells Across the Sea
  11. In the Secret of His Presence
  12. I’m Walking in the Shadows
  13. Light upon the Shore, A
  14. Look Away to Jesus, Soldier in the Fight
  15. Look Away to Jesus
  16. Look High, O Soul
  17. Music in the Soul
  18. O King of Kings, O Lord of Hosts
  19. O Maker of the Sea and Sky
  20. There Is a Stream That We All Must Cross
  21. There Is an Arm That Never Tires
  22. There’s a Light upon the Mountains
  23. We Come Thy Praise to Sing
  24. We Journey to a City Which Eye Hath Never Seen
  25. We Shall Have the Flow’rs Again
  26. What Shall I Sing for Thee?