1878, West Virginia.

Park Cemetery, Marquette, Michigan

In 1922, Burt, began composing annual carols, sending them as Christmas greeting cards to his parishioners in Marquette, and later Pontiac, Michigan. His wife was Emily May Burt.

  1. Christmas Minuet
  2. Come, Youths and Maidens
  3. Gloria Tibi Domine
  4. Good News Breaks from on High
  5. Happy Voices Sweetly Singing
  6. Heav’nly Choirs
  7. In a Far Judean City
  8. Let Christmas Be Merry
  9. Let’s Have a Merry Song Tonight
  10. Little Child Jesus, Tender and Fair
  11. Lying in Thy Manger Lowly
  12. Now Lightly Falls the Christmas Snow
  13. O God of Youth, Whose Spirit
  14. On Christmas Eve, When Fields Are White
  15. Soft Sings the Mother
  16. Tell Me, Tell Me, Shepherd, Pray
  17. What Wonder Is Hid in the Heart
  18. When Christ Was Born of Mary Free
  19. When I View the Mother Holding
  20. When All the Earth Was Dark and Dreary
  1. Lynne