Late 19th Century

We have little data on Burrell, except that he was a minister.

  1. Coming to Jesus
  2. Behold a Fountain
  3. Come, Wand’rer
  4. I Am Seeking My Home in the Sky
  5. I Soon Shall Reach the Golden Gate
  6. Launch Out from the Shore, Christian
  7. Look Up My Soul, by Faith Behold
  8. My Grateful Heart Shall Bless the Lord
  9. Now I’ve Found the Healing Fountain
  10. O How Sweet It Is to Sing
  11. O the Love of My Savior
  12. Oh, How Pleasing the Prospect of Home
  13. Sunday-School Ship, The
  14. To the Land of Peace and Love
  15. We Are Pilgrims and Strangers Below
  16. When Gathering Storms with Dreadful
  17. While Clinging to Jesus
  18. With Banner and Song
  19. With My Faint, Weary Soul
  20. With My Sin Burdened Soul
  21. Wonderful Grace