March 17, 1842, Evesham, Worcestershire, England.

May 15, 1901, Evesham, Worcestershire, England.

Bengeworth Cemetery, Evesham, England.

Raised in a Quaker family, Hannah was the eldest daughter of Henry Burlingham. She became associated with the Plymouth Brethren around 1863. Many of her religious poems and translations appeared in the British Herald.

  1. I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord
  1. Ah! Jesus! Lord! Whose Faithfulness
  2. Another Year We Now Have Entered
  3. As God Doth Lead Me Will I Go
  4. As Truly as I Live, God Saith
  5. Brightness of Eternal Day
  6. Christ the Author of Our Peace
  7. Eternity! O Word of Joy
  8. Few Short Days of Trial Here, A
  9. Hasten On, Hasten On
  10. Have Thy Armor on, My Soul
  11. How Beauteous Shines the Morning Star
  12. How Full Our Cup of Joy Would Be
  13. It Is Winter. The Wide Realm of Nature
  14. Jerusalem! Thou City Builded High
  15. Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me!
  16. Jesus! Source of Life Eternal
  17. Looking from This Vale of Sadness
  18. Lord, None to Thee May Be Compared
  19. Love Divine! My Love Commanding
  20. My Soul, Why This Complaining
  21. O Anxious Care That Weighs Me Down
  22. O Come, My Soul, with Singing
  23. O Gentle Shepherd, by Thy Staff Directed
  24. O Jesus, at Thy Shining
  25. O Jesus, Friend Unfailing
  26. O Jesus, Jesus, Son of God
  27. O My Heart, Be Calm, Confiding
  28. O Precious Jesus, What Hast Thou Been Doing
  29. O Tell Me Not of Gold and Treasure
  30. O Wondrous Conqueror and Great
  31. One Reigneth Still, Thou All Else May Be Failing
  32. One Song of Songs—The Sweetest
  33. Prince of Peace! Thy Name Confessing
  34. Still on My Native Shore My Feet Are Standing
  35. Thou, Jesu, Art My Consolation
  36. Thrice Happy He Who Serveth
  37. ’Tis Spring, the Time of Singing
  38. ’Tis Well with Me, O Friend Unfailing
  39. To Thee, Lord, I Come with Singing
  40. What God Doth Is Divinely Done
  41. With the Glow of Ardent Longing
  42. Wrestle On! For God Is Pleading

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