December 14, 1876, Buffalo, Texas.

March 2, 1939, Mountain Peak, Texas.

Mountain Peak Cemetery, Midlothian, Texas.


Son of Hopson Monroe Burleson and Nancy Elizabeth Dupree Burleson, Robert began studying music in 1889. He began teaching in 1896, and his first compositions were published in 1898, in Lamp and Light and Song-Land Messenger No. 2. In 1898, he received a diploma from the Southern Normal Institute of Music session led by Anthony J. Showalter and Edwin Moore in Mansfield, Texas.

Burleson was a gifted organist, and later became a Baptist minister, serving churches in Nararro, Parker and Ellis Counties, Texas. At the time of his death, he was pastor of the Mountain Peak and Avalon Churches.

Burleson married Irene Moore in 1903, and they had at least twelve children. As of 1904, he lived in Italy, Texas.

  1. He Is Coming Soon
  2. There’ll Be Light for You
  1. He Is Coming Soon
  2. Jesus Died for Me
  3. When We Get Home