September 3, 1864, Ma­ry­le­bone, Lon­don, Eng­land.

May 11, 1935, Cam­bridge, England.

St. An­drew and St. Ma­ry churchyard, Grant­ches­ter, Cam­bridge­shire, Eng­land.

© National Portrait Gallery

A Biblical scholar, Bur­kitt was educated at Har­row and at Trinity College, Cam­bridge, where he read mathematics, graduating BA as 28th Wran­gler (University of Cam­bridge) in 1886, and gained a first-class in the theological tripos in 1888.

In 1904, he became a Fellow of the British Academy. The following year, though a layman, he was appointed Nor­ris­i­an Professor of Divinity at Cam­bridge, a post he held for 30 years.

Burkitt accompanied Ro­bert Bens­ly, James Ren­del Har­ris, and sisters Ag­nes and Mar­ga­ret Smith on the 1893 expedition to Saint Cath­er­ine’s Mon­as­te­ry at Mount Si­nai, to examine a Syr­i­ac pal­imp­sest of the Gos­pels discovered there the previous year by the two sisters. Burkitt played an important role in deciphering the text, and in subsequent publication of the team’s findings.

  1. Our Lord, His Passion Ended
  1. Receive, O Lord, in Heaven Above
  2. Wake, O Wake! with Tidings Thrilling