October 31, 1819, Providence, Rhode Island.

October 8, 1901.

Greenwood Cemetery, Saint Albans, Vermont.

Alexander’s parents were Thomas Burgess, for many years a judge in Rhode Island, and Mary Mackle. Both parents were natives of Wareham, Massachusetts.

Alexander graduated from Brown University in 1838, from the General Theological Seminary in 1841. He became a deacon at St. John’s, Providence, Rhode island, in November 1842, and was ordained a priest at Grace Church, Providence, on All Saints’ Day, November 1, 1843. From that time until Easter 1854, he was Rector of St. Mark’s, Augusta, Maine. He then moved to Portland, Maine, where he served as Rector of St. Luke’s, 1854–67. He then moved to New York and became Rector of St. John’s Brooklyn, 1867–69. From there he moved to Massachusetts, serving as Rector of Christ Church, Springfield, December 1869, until becoming a bishop. He represented the dioceses of Maine, Long Island, and Massachusetts.

He was consecrated First Bishop of Quincy in Christ Church, Springfield, Massachusetts, May 15, 1878, Upon the organization of the Province of Illinois, comprising the three Dioceses of Illinois (later Chicago), Quincy and Springfield, in the State of Illinois, he was elected first Primus of the province.

Burgess authored printed sermons, addresses, Sunday school question books, crols and hymns, and edited the memoir of his brother, Bishop George Burgess of Maine. He received the degree of S.T.D. from Brown University in 1866, and from Racine College, Wisconsin, in 1862.

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