November 23, 1805, Man­ches­ter, England.

November 13, 1866, St. Pan­cras, London, England.

Highgate Cemetery, Lon­don, England.


Son of Wes­ley­an minister Ja­bez Bunt­ing, Will­iam was educated at the Wes­ley­an schools at Wood­house Grove School, Brad­ford, York­shire, and Kings­wood, and at St. Sav­iour’s Gram­mar School in South­wark.

In 1842, he entered the Wes­ley­an ministry, and continued in active circuit work for 25 years. Failing health compelled his retirement to the Su­per­num­er­ary list, and he took up residence in Lon­don. His works include:

  1. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
  2. Blest Spirit! from the Eternal Sire
  3. Dear Is the Day Which God Hath Made
  4. Father, Our Child We Place
  5. Holy Spirit, Pity Me
  6. O Blessed, Blessed Sounds of Grace
  7. O Crucified, Triumphant Lord
  8. O God! How Often Hath Thine Ear
  9. Thou Doest All Things Well
  10. We Love to Call Creation Thine