July 22, 1818, Walsham le Willows, Suffolk, England.

July 10, 1892, Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Bungay moved to America at age nine. As a young man, he married Louise Whitney of New York City, with whom he had five children. After her death, he taught school in Canada, later moved to Buffalo, New York, then founded the Independent newspaper in Ilion, New York. When the paper moved to Utica, New York, it was renamed the Central Independent. Bungay also wrote for New York Tribune under Horace Greeley, and edited the weekly journal Metropolitan. In 1849, Bungay married Catherine Herkimer, and had three children with her.

Bungay was a well known lecturer, poet, abolitionist, and temperance advocate. He worked in the New York custom house (1873–87). His works include:

  1. Angel in the Cloud, An
  2. Bands of Hope are Sailing
  3. Bless God for Rain
  4. As the Full Moon with Silver Flame
  5. Come to the Sabbath School
  6. God Bless Our Rock Bound Coast
  7. Hail, or Rain, or Wind, Sr snow
  8. Happy, Happy Days of Childhood
  9. How Radiant Now the Evening Skies
  10. How Sweet When Daylight Closes
  11. Hurrah, Hurrah, to the Woods We Go
  12. I Offer Thee This Heart of Mine
  13. In the Graveyard Softly Sleeping
  14. Kind Shepherd, Lead Me o’er the Plain
  15. Like Gleams of Light
  16. Like Rivers Swift Flowing
  17. Now We Can Bid Our Books Farewell
  18. Out in the Street with Naked Feet
  19. Sabbath Bells Are Ringing
  20. Sabbath Day of Childhood’s Years
  21. Some Vain Children Try
  22. Spring Buds Sweet Are Blooming
  23. Those Sacred Bells
  24. Teacher, Watch the Little Feet
  25. Wild Birds Now Are Singing
  26. Youthful Days Are Passing By