January 12, 1797, Prittlewell, Essex, England.

March 7, 1874, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bullock was the Anglican rector of St. Paul’s in Trinity, Newfoundland; rector of St. Luke’s Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia; and—when the church was designated a cathedral by Bishop Herbert Binney in 1864—St. Luke’s first dean. Bullock’s works include:

Bullock’s descendants relate a family story that he was once asked by a parishioner why he had not written a verse of We Love Thy Place, O God about the pulpit. He replied:

What would I write?

We love thy pulpit, Lord,
For there the word of man
Lulls the worshiper to sleep
As only sermons can.

  1. In Grief and Fear, to Thee, O Lord
  2. We Love the Place, O God

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