June 18, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts.

October 12, 1870, East Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bulfinch’s family moved to Washington, DC, in 1818, his father being the Capitol architect, Charles Bulfinch. Stephen graduated from Columbian College and the Cambridge Theological School. In 1831, he was ordained at Charleston, South Carolina, as assistant to a Dr. Gilman. Subsequently, he pastored in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC (1838); Dorchester, Massachusetts (1852); and East Cambridge, Massachusetts (1865). His works include:

  1. Aged Sufferer Waited Long, The
  2. Benignant Savior, ’Twas Not Thine
  3. Burden of Shame and Woe!
  4. Children of Light, Awake
  5. Father, When o’er Our Trembling Hearts
  6. Glory to God, the Lord, the Righteous
  7. Hail to the Blessed Day
  8. Hail to the Sabbath Day
  9. Hail to This Holy Day
  10. Hath Not Thy Heart Within Thee Burned?
  11. Holy Son of God Most High!
  12. Honor Then to Wear Thy Crown
  13. Honored They Who Firmly Stand
  14. How Glorious Is the Hour
  15. In the Savior’s Hour of Death
  16. It Is Finished! Glorious Word
  17. Lord, in This Sacred Hour
  18. Lord, in Whose Might the Savior Trod
  19. Lord, Thou Art Not Alone
  20. Most Gracious Savior! ’Twas Not Thine
  21. O, Darkly on the Path of Life
  22. O Lord! Through Thee We Own
  23. O, Not Alone on the Mount of Prayer
  24. O Suffering Friend of Humankind
  25. Our Life Is but a Span
  26. Take, and Eat, the Savior Said
  27. There Is a Strife We All Must Wage
  28. Through Thee, O Lord, We Own
  29. Toiling Through the Livelong Night
  30. ’Twas Not in Vain That Jesus Prayed
  31. Was It in Vain That Jesus Prayed?
  32. We Gather to the Sacred Board
  33. What Power Unseen By Mortal Eye
  34. Where the Dark Sea of Egypt Throws
  35. Why Should Such Sorrow Come?
  36. Year Passeth After Year, O Lord Our God
  37. Yes, There Were Some Among Thy Hearers

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