No­vem­ber 13, 1879, La­fay­ette, Il­li­nois.

Oc­to­ber 9, 1939, Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia.

Val­hal­la Me­mor­i­al Park, Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia. His ep­i­taph reads I Have Fought a Good Fight.


Herbert was the son of John Wes­ley Buf­fum and Alice Ann Mal­lo­ry, and hus­band of Lil­lie May Fas­sett.

After mov­ing with his fa­mi­ly to Cal­i­for­nia and con­vert­ing to Christ at age 18, Buf­fum felt a call to the min­is­try. He held min­is­ter­i­al cre­den­tials with the Church of the Naz­a­rene, and was a Ho­li­ness/Pen­te­cos­tal evan­gel­ist.

He was al­so a pro­li­fic song writ­er, with ma­ny songs in­spired by per­son­al ex­per­i­ence. He had 10,000 songs to his cre­dit, 1,000 ac­tu­al­ly pub­lished. Rip­ley’s Be­lieve It or Not claimed he once wrote 12 songs in an hour.

Though a tal­ent­ed mu­si­cian, Buf­fum re­ceived no mu­sic­al train­ing. He sold most of his songs for five dol­lars or less. When he died, the Los An­ge­les Times called him the king of Gos­pel song writ­ers.

  1. My Sheep Know My Voice
  2. All My Childhood I Hated
  3. Awful Days of Tribulation
  4. Come Now to Jesus, He Calleth Thee
  5. Could We Catch the Glistening of the Dew
  6. Cross That Was Planted on Calvary’s Brow, The
  7. Devil Now Is Raging, The
  8. Do Not Be Discouraged When the Dark Clouds Come
  9. Do Not Sing, Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
  10. Down in the Depths of the Spirit Filled Life
  11. Ever Since I Started Out to Follow Jesus
  12. Every Day Has Its Sunset
  13. Fight Is On, The
  14. Get a Smile from Jesus
  15. God Can Make a Way When There Is No Way
  16. Have the Dark Clouds Settled
  17. Have You Ever Wandered Away from Your Home?
  18. He Abides
  19. He Keeps on Loving Us Still
  20. Heathen at Your Door, The
  21. Heaven Comes Down My Soul to Greet
  22. Here So Many Are Taking Vacation
  23. I Belong to Jesus, He’s My Friend
  24. I Could Not Tell in Many Years
  25. I Dreamed I Had Searched All Through Heaven for You
  26. I Find a Safe and Sure Retreat
  27. I Had Wandered Far from the Fold
  28. I Have a Friend Who Is Always the Same
  29. I Have a Hallelujah Cho­rus in My Soul
  30. I Have Heard the Call for Workers
  31. I Have Said I Will to Jesus
  32. I Hope to Live Till Jesus Comes
  33. I Know Not Why My Way Is Hedged About
  34. I Love My Blessed Savior No Matter What He Sends
  35. I Love My Savior, So I Seldom Stop
  36. I May Not Always Understand
  37. I Never Loved Jesus as I Love Him Now
  38. I One Time Felt a Pity for the Christians
  39. I Want to Be Ready When Jesus Comes Back
  40. I Want to Go Deeper in Jesus
  41. I Was a Stubborn Child
  42. I Was Feeling Bowed Down
  43. I Was Just as Wretched as a Soul Could Be
  44. If Burdened Your Heart
  45. If Death Ended All and if Man Had No Soul
  46. If the Bible Is True, There Is Heaven to Gain
  47. If You Have Ere Listened to God’s Tender Voice
  48. If You Have Grown Weary and Heart-Sick of Sin
  49. If You Would Enter Heaven
  50. If Your Sins Are All Forgiven and Your Heart Is Clean
  51. If Your Sins Have Been Forgiven You
  52. I’m a Pilgrim and a Stranger
  53. I’m but a Pilgrim Here Below
  54. I’m Going Higher Some Day
  55. I’m Going Through
  56. I’m Having a Good Time with Jesus
  57. I’m in Love with Jesus, the Lover of My Soul
  58. I’m So Glad That Jesus Came
  59. In Meditation Deep One Night
  60. In the Center of God’s Will I’m Sweetly Resting
  61. In the City Where the Lamb Is the Light
  62. In the Hollow of His Hand, I Am Safely Sheltered
  63. Isn’t He Wonderful?
  64. It May Not Seem Welcome Now
  65. I’ve Been Traveling for Jesus
  66. I’ve Entered into Canaan from Egypt’s Bondage
  67. I’ve Started Out to Walk the Pathway to Heaven
  68. I’ve Turned My Back Forever on Old Satan
  69. Joy of One Day in His Presence, The
  70. Just a Little Smile from Jesus
  71. Just Ahead Are Greater Things
  72. Keep Looking, Keep Looking
  73. Let’s Talk About Jesus
  74. Lift Me Up Above the Shadows
  75. Long My Feet Had Wandered on in Paths of Folly
  76. Long My Soul Was So Restless
  77. Lord, I Long to Be Holy
  78. Love Stands the Test in Every Trying Hour
  79. Made One in Christ, O What a Blissful Union
  80. My Heart Is Fixed, O God on Thee
  81. My Heart Is Running o’er with Praise
  82. My Heart Is So Happy in Jesus
  83. My Heart Was Always Restless
  84. My Heart Was Closed to the Savior’s Knock
  85. My Life Is No Longer All Tarnished by Sin
  86. My Life Is Now Hidden with Christ in God
  87. My Little Bark Was Tempest Tossed
  88. My Sheep Know My Voice
  89. My Sins, Which Were Many
  90. Nearer, My Lord, to Thee
  91. Not Now: Go, Spirit, Go Thy Way
  92. O Do Not Be Discouraged When the Dark
  93. O How Well I Remember
  94. O Wanderer Afar from the Dear Shepherd’s Fold
  95. O Wanderer, Far from Thy God Astray
  96. Often I’ve Watched the Clouds
  97. Old-Fashioned Meeting, The
  98. Once I Saw Deliverance a Long Way Off
  99. Once I Thought That Glory Land
  100. Out of the Power and Darkness of Sin
  101. Praise God for a Present Sal­va­tion
  102. Praise the Lord for the Blood
  103. Praise the Lord, I Have an All Sufficient Savior
  104. Prodigal Had Wandered from His Father’s Home, The
  105. Say Not That God His Face Has Hidden from You
  106. So Many Are Building
  107. So Many Are Saying Because of the Times
  108. Some Want Silver, Some Want Gold
  109. Someone Will Come to the Fold Tonight
  110. Speak a Little Word for Jesus
  111. Take Me in Thy Fold
  112. Tell It Everywhere You Go
  113. There Are Days That We All Have Forgotten
  114. There Are Lengths and Breadths
  115. There Are Plenty of Doubts About Lots of Things
  116. There Is Only One Way to Be Cleansed from Your Sin
  117. There Is Soon to Dawn an Everlasting Day
  118. There’s a Big Time Coming, and It’s Not Far Away
  119. There’s a Great Loving Father in Heaven
  120. There’s a Keeper of Books
  121. There’s a Song in My Soul
  122. There’s a Wonderful Invention
  123. There’s Coming a Wonderful, Wonderful Day
  124. They Led Him Away to Be Crucified
  125. Though Dark Be the Way
  126. Though Far You May Wander Away from the Fold
  127. Though the Hosts of Sin Assail
  128. Through the Word of Our Testimony
  129. Wee Little Child Had Been Left All Alone, A
  130. What a Wonderful, Wonderful Love
  131. What Though the Days May Seem Dreary
  132. What Though the Way Be Rough
  133. When All Seems Dark and the Fierce Billows Roll
  134. When at Last My Work on Earth
  135. When Days Are Dreary, When Heart Is Weary
  136. When First I Was Converted
  137. When I Become Weary and Tired
  138. When I Take My Vacation in Heaven
  139. When Jesus Laid Aside the Crown
  140. When Laden with Sin and Bowed Down with Grief
  141. When Our Work on Earth Is Ended
  142. When the King Returns in Glory
  143. When the Roll Is Called in Heaven
  144. When the Trials of Life Seem Almost Too Heavy
  145. When We Come to Meet Around the Great White Throne
  146. When We Walk with the Savior
  147. When You Hear the Thunder Booming
  148. When You Start to Follow Jesus in the Narrow Way
  149. When You’re One Step from God
  150. Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today?
  151. Where I Am Going There Is No Sorrow
  152. While Walking with My Savior
  153. Who Is the One Who Can Give Sweet Peace?
  154. Who Is the One Who Never
  155. Whole World Looks Brighter and Better to Me, The
  156. Why Repine Because You Cannot Fill
  157. Wonderful Message I Bring unto You, A
  158. Would You Know the Message for This Very Day?
  159. Would You Know the Secret?
  160. Would You Understand the Secret of the Overcomer’s Life?
  161. You Ask Where Is Heaven
  162. You Say You Feel the Savior’s Presence