August 30, 1854, Vevey, Switzerland.

November 12, 1932, Vevey, Switzerland.

Cully (near Lausanne), Switzerland.

Budry studied theology in Lausanne, Switzerland, and pastored at Cully and Sainte-Croix (1881–89). He then became pastor of the Free Church in Vevey, Switzerland, for 35 years more, retiring in 1923. Besides writing original hymns, he translated German, English, and Latin lyrics into French. Some of his work appeared in Chants Evangéliques (Lausanne, Switzerland: 1885).

  1. Béni Soit le Lien
  2. Comme une Terre Altérée
  3. Jésus Est Là, Qui t’Appelle
  4. Les Cieux et la Terre Célèbrent en Choeur
  5. Á Toi la Gloire

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