October 29, 1905, near Spiro, Oklahoma.

November 15, 1977, Springfield, Missouri.

Fox Cemetery, Powell, Missouri.


Brumley attended the Hartford Musical Institute in Hartford, Arkansas, and sang with the Hartford Quartet. He went on to teach at singing schools in the Ozarks, and lived most of his life in Powell, Missouri. He recorded I’ll Fly Away (one of his most popular songs) in 1931. He worked for 34 years a staff writer for the Hartford and Stamps/Baxter publishing companies, then founded the Albert E. Brumley & Sons Music Company and Country Gentlemen Music, and bought the Hartford Music Company. He wrote over 800 Gospel and other songs during his life; the Country Song Writers Hall of Fame inducted him in 1970.

  1. Are You Almost Decided?
  2. Are You Half as Good a Christian
  3. Beautiful Mansions Are Waiting for Me
  4. Blessèd Jesus Loves You, Too
  5. Blood That Stained the Old Rugged Cross, The
  6. Brother, I’ll Not Be Far Behind
  7. Cabin in the Valley of the Pines
  8. Camping in Canaan’s Land
  9. Closest Kin
  10. Come On, Let’s All Go Home
  11. Did You Ever Go Sailing?
  12. Far Away Places
  13. Flowers in the Wildwood
  14. Forbidden to Pass Thru the Beautiful Gate
  15. Go Right Out
  16. Good Time Is Coming, A
  17. Great Speckled Bird, The
  18. I Am Just a Pilgrim
  19. I Cannot Find the Way Alone
  20. I Will Meet You in the Morning
  21. If We Never Meet Again
  22. If Working and Praying Has Any Reward
  23. I’ll Fly Away
  24. I’ll Meet You by the River
  25. I’ll Meet You in the Morning
  26. I’ll Sail Away Home Some Sweet Day
  27. I’m Bound for the Land of Canaan
  28. In This World I’ve Tried Most Everything
  29. Jesus, Hold My Hand
  30. Once Like a Bird in Prison I Dwelt
  31. Sermon in Song, A
  32. This World Is Not My Home
  33. Turn Your Radio On
  1. Camping in Canaan’s Land