March 21, 1745, Byneset, Trondheim, Norway.

July 26, 1816, Bergen, Norway.

Domkirkegaarden, Bergen, Norway.


Son of a farmer, Brun was educated in Trondjhem (now Trondheim), and was appointed family tutor to Councilor Meinche, accompanying his son to Soro, Denmark. He returned to Trondjhem shortly thereafter, where he failed his theological and homiletic exams, and spent three years there teaching and preaching. He traveled to Copenhagen in 1767, and after intense study passed his theology exams. In 1771, he became private secretary to Bishop Gunnerius, and was ordained the next year. He became pastor at the Korskirken (Church of the Cross) in Bergen, Norway, in 1774, and Bishop of Bergen in 1804. Brun’s works include:

  1. Ånd over ånder, kom ned fra det høye
  2. De rike byd at de seg ei
  3. Du fødes må på ny
  4. Hos Gud er idel glede
  5. Jesus lever, graven brast
  6. Jesus som iblant oss står
  7. La denne dag, o Herre Gud
  8. La oss bede lysets fader
  9. O salig den Guds Ord har hørt
  10. Til Faderen, o sjel, forglem det ei