August 3, 1857, Glas­gow, Scot­land.

November 18, 1925, Crieff, Perth­shire, Scot­land.

Portpatrick Cemetery, Port­pat­rick, Wig­ton­shire, Scot­land.


Brownlie attended the University of Glas­gow and the Free Church College (now the Ed­in­burgh The­o­lo­gical Sem­in­ary).

He was licensed by the Pres­by­te­ry of Glas­gow in 1884, and in 1885 became Assistant Minister of Trinity Free Church in Port­pat­rick, Wig­ton­shire. He succeeded the senior pastor there upon the latter’s death in 1890.

He joined the local School Board in 1888, and became a governor of Stran­raer High School in 1897, and Chairman of the governors in 1901. Glas­gow University awarded him an honorary DD degree in 1908 for his work in hymnology. His works include:

  1. Behold, the Lord to Zion Rides
  2. Chariots of the Lord Are Strong, The
  3. Christian Soldiers in the Conflict!
  4. Day Fades into Night, The
  5. Ever Onward, Ever Upward
  6. Flowers Have Closed Their Eyes, The
  7. Girt with Heavenly Armor
  8. I Wandered Sore Distressed
  9. Hark! the Voice of Angels
  10. O Bind Me with Thy Bonds, My Lord
  11. O God, Thy Glory Gilds the Sun
  12. Rest in the Lord
  13. Spake My Heart by Sorrow Smitten
  14. Summer Leaves Decay, The
  15. There Is a Land, a Happy Land
  16. There Is a Song Which the Angels Sing
  17. Thou Art My Portion, Saith My Soul
  18. Time Is Drawing Near, The
  1. Ah, the Trembling of That Day
  2. Ah! Woe Is Me Because of Sin
  3. All Glorious, See, the Morning Breaks
  4. Arise, My Soul, and Gaily Sing
  5. As Angel Hosts with Heavenly Songs
  6. Ask, and Thy Prayer with Arrow’s Speed
  7. At Early Dawn, with Pious Thought
  8. Awake, Arise, and Greet the Dawning Day
  9. Awake, My Soul, Bestir Thee
  10. Awake! The Morn Is Here
  11. Band of Herdsmen Tarried Late, A
  12. Because I Was Brought Low
  13. Because Thy Mercy Is So Great
  14. Before Thy Cross We Take Our Place
  15. Behold the Bridegroom!
  16. Behold the Bridegroom Cometh
  17. Behold, the King of Zion Rides
  18. Best That Heaven Could Bring, The
  19. Bethlehem Rejoices
  20. Beyond the Clouds of Heaven
  21. Blest Redeemer, O What Pain
  22. Borne on the Clouds the Christ Arose
  23. Borne on the Wings of Light
  24. Bridegroom Comes! My Soul, Awake, The
  25. Bring to the Christ Your Fears
  26. Burdened with a Heavy Load
  27. By Thine Own Hand the Gift Was Given
  28. Christ, for Thee a Wreath Adorning
  29. Christ Hath Left the Dismal Tomb
  30. Christ Is Born, Go Forth to Meet Him
  31. Christ on Olive’s Mount in Prayer, The
  32. Christ the Word! Thine Incarnation
  33. Close Beside the Heart That Loves Me
  34. Come, Friends, Behold Me Here
  35. Come, Holy Ghost, in Might
  36. Come, Keep This Feast
  37. Come, Let Us Drink the Water New
  38. Come, Let Us Sing with Joyful Mirth
  39. Come, Praise with Gladness
  40. Come to the Christ in Tears
  41. Come with Your Praises
  42. Come, Ye People, Come Adore Him
  43. Crown of Gold Surpassing Rare, A
  44. Crown the Lord of Glory
  45. Dark Billows Bound Across the Deep
  46. Day Declines to Night, The
  47. Day of Resurrection, The
  48. Ere the Morn in Beauty Wake
  49. Eternal Ruler, Thou Didst Will
  50. Even as Thou Saidst, the Spirit Came
  51. Far from Thy Heavenly Care
  52. Far Let Me Flee from Worldly Sin
  53. Firm Through the Endless Years
  54. For All the Good Performed by Thee
  55. Forgive Me, Lord, My Wayward Will
  56. Forgive My Heart Its Vain Regrets
  57. From the Calm of Sleep Awaking
  58. From the Hills the Light Is Streaming
  59. Gate of Life Stands Wide, The
  60. Gladness Fills the World This Morn
  61. Glorious to Our Watching Eyes
  62. Glory in the Highest!
  63. Glory Shone Within the Gloom
  64. Glory to God! The Christ Hath Left the Tomb
  65. Glory to God! The Morn Appointed Breaks
  66. Go, Ye Saints, to Bethlehem
  67. God of All Grace, Thy Mercy Send
  68. God Sent Me to the Desert Wild
  69. God, Thou Art Clothed with Light
  70. Hail, Rising Morn! For He Hath Risen
  71. Hail the Morn! Let Praises Cheerful
  72. Hail the Morn, with Gladness Crowned
  73. Hail the Resurrection Day
  74. Hail to the King
  75. Hail to the Morn That Dawns on Eastern Hills
  76. Halo Rests upon Thy Brow, A
  77. Hark! A Voice Is Loudly Ringing
  78. Hark! upon the Morning Breezes
  79. Have Faith in God, the Master Said
  80. Have Pity, Lord, for Thou Art Great
  81. He Came Because the Father Willed
  82. He Climbed the Slopes of Olivet
  83. He Who in the Fiery Furnace
  84. He Who Made the Earth His Home
  85. Heavy Laden with Thy Grief
  86. Herdsmen Keeping Lonely Vigil
  87. Home at Last, Thy Journey Ended
  88. I Brought My Merits to the Throne
  89. I Cannot Lift Mine Eyes
  90. I Have a Thought That Fills My Mind
  91. I Have No Tears to Shed
  92. I Lift My Hands, and with My Heart
  93. I Lift My Heart to Thee
  94. I Mused Within My Heart
  95. I Sought the Lord at Early Morn
  96. I Wandered Sore Distressed
  97. I Will Arise and Seek Thy Face
  98. I Will Not Yield My Sword
  99. If in the Cause of Right I Must
  100. In Mine Affliction, Lord
  101. In the Bliss of Old Predicted
  102. In the Dark of Early Morn
  103. In the Early Morning
  104. In the Father’s Glory Shining
  105. It Is a Comely Thing
  106. It Is Not Lost What I Have Given
  107. Jerusalem, Rejoice!
  108. King Is on His Journey, The
  109. King Shall Come when Morning Dawns, The
  110. Let All Human Flesh Be Silent
  111. Let All the World Abroad
  112. Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured
  113. Lift Up the Gates
  114. Light, Ere the Dawn in Beauty Broke
  115. Light Is Dawning ’Mong the Hills
  116. Light More Glorious Than the Sun
  117. Light of My Life, O Lord, Thou Art
  118. Light Serene of Holy Glory
  119. Light upon Our Gloom Arising
  120. Like Music at the Stilly Hour
  121. Like the Beams That from the Sun
  122. Lo, He Is Dead!
  123. Lo, in Its Brightness the Morning Arising
  124. Lo, the Clouds of Night Are Rending
  125. Lord, a Band of Foes Increasing
  126. Lord, I Am Thine
  127. Lord, I Have Strayed Afar
  128. Lord, Let Our Evening Prayer Ascend
  129. Lord, Let Our Eyes the Things Unseen Behold
  130. Lord, Let Us Feel That Thou Art Near
  131. Lord, May Thy Holy Spirit Calm
  132. Lord of a Countless Throng
  133. Lord of Life to Earth Came Down, The
  134. Lord of Mercy, at Thy Gate
  135. Lord of the Brave and Strong
  136. Lord of the Hills
  137. Lord, Rest the Child
  138. Lord, Soothe My Anxious, Troubled Soul
  139. Lord, Thou Art Good and Kind
  140. Lord, Thou Art Lifted Very High
  141. Lord, to Our Humble Prayers Attend
  142. Man Who Erring Counsel Shuns, The
  143. Morn Awakes, Behold the Glory
  144. Morn in Beauty Breaks, The
  145. Morn of Beauty, Joyous Morn
  146. Morning Breaks, I Place My Hand in Thine, The
  147. Morning Dawns; on Gilded Height, The
  148. Mourn, O My Soul, Thy Primal Sin
  149. My God, Shall Sin Its Power Maintain
  150. My Harp upon the Willows
  151. My Heart Was Sad Because of Sin
  152. My Hope Is Firmly Set
  153. My Sin Was Very Great
  154. Nailed to the Cross the Savior Dies
  155. Night, and a Storm, and Hearts with Sore Affright
  156. No Longer Now at Eden’s Gate
  157. Now at This Evening Hour
  158. Now Glows the Morn in Beauty Rare
  159. Now, God of Light, the Morn Appears
  160. Now Let Our Souls Ascend
  161. Now the King Immortal
  162. Now the Lord from Earth Ascending
  163. Now the Sun at Noon of Day
  164. Now with My Weeping
  165. O Bleeding Heart, Look Up, Behold
  166. O Christ, Thou Art My King
  167. O Christ, When on the Shameful Tree
  168. O Come and Let Us Worship Christ
  169. O Come Let Us Adore
  170. O Darkest Night That Ever Fell!
  171. O God, in Mercy Hear
  172. O God of Life, in Whom We Live
  173. O God of Light and Life and Joy
  174. O God of Light, When Morn Awakes
  175. O God of Love, on Bended Knee
  176. O God of Love, Whose Mercy Came
  177. O God of Our Salvation
  178. O God, the Holy Ghost
  179. O Holy Ghost, Thou Lord of Light
  180. O Holy Spirit, One in Power
  181. O, I Have Wandered Far
  182. O Jesus Christ, My Soul Contains
  183. O Jesus Christ, when Thou Didst Dwell
  184. O Jesus, Lord of Mercy Great
  185. O Jesus, Lover of Our Race
  186. O Jesus, to Thy Servants Give
  187. O Jesus, Trust of Needy Souls
  188. O Jesus, When My Guilty Fears
  189. O Jesus, When Our Spirits Mourn
  190. O Judge of All, When Sinful Men
  191. O King Enthroned on High
  192. O Light of Lights!
  193. O Light, Resplendent of the Morn
  194. O Light Serene of Heavenly Birth
  195. O Light That Knew No Dawn
  196. O Lord of Bounty, Let This Bread
  197. O Lord of Life, When Mortals Call
  198. O Lord of Peace, in Mercy Hear
  199. O Lord, Thou in the Hour of Need
  200. O Love Divine, My Spirit Sighs
  201. O Love of God, Surpassing Far
  202. O May My Soul, Uncrushed by Care
  203. O May the Spirit of All Grace
  204. O Paradise Above!
  205. O Son of God, Afflicted
  206. O Thou Who Cloth’st Thyself Complete
  207. O, Touch My Heart, and Bring to Mind
  208. O Woeful Hour! When from the Night
  209. O Word of Truth! in Devious Paths
  210. O Wounded Hands and Feet!
  211. Open Wide the Gate of Heaven
  212. Our Evening Prayers Attend
  213. Our Hearts to Heaven Upraising
  214. Out from the Rising of the Sun
  215. Over Trackless Regions
  216. Promise Which the Savior Made, The
  217. Prophet of the Lord, Beside Us
  218. Rest of the Weary Heart
  219. Rise, O Glorious Orb of Day
  220. Rosy Dawn, with Locks of Gold
  221. Rosy-Fingered Dawn Appears, The
  222. Saffron Tints Appear, The
  223. See, in the Darkness, the Dawn Is Awaking
  224. See Where the Orb of Day
  225. Shine Forth, O New Jerusalem
  226. Sleepers Awake! The Night’s Long Reign Is Past
  227. Solemn Feast Was Spent, The
  228. Spirit of God, in Love Descend
  229. Stream of Mercy Springs, A
  230. Strew Palms, Strew Palms upon the Way
  231. Sun Has Reached His Western Goal, The
  232. Surely Comes the Dreadful Day
  233. Surpassing Great the Gift of God
  234. Teach Me Thy Gracious Will
  235. Thee, as the Evening Light Declines
  236. Then the Earth in Terror Shook
  237. These Are the Jewels All Glorious That Shine
  238. They Brought Him to the Hill of Death
  239. They Cried, Let Him Be Crucified!
  240. Think on Me, Lord, for Thou Art Kind
  241. This Be Our Prayer, O Savior of Our Souls
  242. This Is the Chosen Day of God
  243. This Is the Time of Song
  244. Thou Art My Hope, O Christ, My Lord
  245. Thou Art My Strength, O God, My Lord
  246. Thou Christ Alone Art Great
  247. Thou Dost Not Pass a Lonesome Way
  248. Thou, Lord, Hast Power to Heal
  249. Thou One-Begotten Son
  250. Thou Savior of Our Sinful Race
  251. Thou Spirit of Almighty God
  252. Thy Birth upon Our World Hath Given
  253. Thy Glorious Rising on the First of Days
  254. Time Is Drawing Nigh, The
  255. Time Shall Surely Come, The
  256. To Depths of Earth Thou Didst Descend
  257. To Thee My Soul Enraptured Sings
  258. To Thee, O Christ, Our God
  259. To Thy Blest Cross, O Christ, We Come
  260. To Thy Cross and Resurrection
  261. Today a Wonder We Behold
  262. Today the Groans of Hades Rise
  263. Triple Beam of Glory
  264. Up Rose the Morn Behind the Hills
  265. Up, Up, My Soul, on Wings of Praise
  266. Up, Up, My Soul! With Gladness Rise
  267. Vain the Bliss from Earth That Springs
  268. Wake, My Soul! In Careless Slumber
  269. Wake to the Songs That Lips Unsullied Sing
  270. Watch with Me, the Master Said
  271. Watchers, Let Your Lights Be Burning
  272. Watchman from the Height Beholding
  273. Wave, Wave Your Banners High
  274. Waving in the Autumn Breeze
  275. We Have Heard the Wondrous Story
  276. We Worship, Lord, Before Thee Now
  277. Wealth of High Estate, The
  278. What Joy of Life Abideth
  279. What Savior Comes from Edom
  280. What Shall We Bring to Thee?
  281. When Adam Heard the Voice of Sin
  282. When at Thy Feet, Oppressed
  283. When Came the Call to Me
  284. When Christ the Lord Shall Come
  285. When Darkness Falls, and Night Is Here
  286. When Glory Crowned the Mountain Top
  287. When Hades Held the Lord of Life
  288. When in the Clouds of Heaven
  289. When in the Clouds the Lord Appears
  290. When Jesus to the Jordan Came
  291. When Jesus to the Judgment Hall
  292. When Lazarus Rose at Christ’s Command
  293. When Night Her Sable Curtain Spreads
  294. When, O King Immortal
  295. When o’er the World Augustus Reigned
  296. When on the Cruel Cross
  297. When on the Mount the Lord Appeared
  298. When the Christ, His Mission Ended
  299. When the Morning from the Skies
  300. When the Trumpet’s Sound Shall Wake
  301. When Thou, O Christ, upon the Tree
  302. When Thou Shalt Come, O Lord
  303. When Thou Wert Crucified by Men
  304. When Wicked Hands Had Firmly Sealed
  305. When with Powers of Heaven Attending
  306. Where the Lord Reveals His Presence
  307. Wherefore on the Cross Uplifted
  308. Who Toiled for Christ Through Suffering Sore
  309. Who Would Not Weep My Child
  310. Wily Judas Watches Near, The
  311. Within the Garden’s Somber Shade
  312. Word of God, Who by Thy Will
  313. Ye Saints Exult with Cheerful Song
  314. Zion Is Glad This Glorious Morn