Feb­ru­ary 21, 1856, Pine Plains, New York.

Ap­ril 19, 1946, Mer­e­dith, New Hamp­shire.

Rhine­beck Cem­e­te­ry, Rhine­beck, New York.

Ophelia was the daugh­ter of Will­iam Gar­ret­son Brown­ing, a Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal min­is­ter, and Su­san Re­bec­ca Webb.

She mar­ried twice, to Tho­mas E. Bur­roughs (1884) and Art­hur Prince Ad­ams (1905).

  1. Above the Clouds of Un­be­lief
  2. An Ar­my Is Com­ing, Their Foot­steps We Hear
  3. Awake, Awake, the Trum­pet Sounds the Call
  4. Awake the Songs of Glad­ness
  5. Blessed Re­deem­er, Great Is Thy Love
  6. Breathe Down up­on Us, Ho­ly Ghost
  7. Can a Moth­er For­get the Child of Her Love?
  8. Children in the Tem­ple Cry
  9. Clouds May Come in Sa­ble, The
  10. Come in­to the Sun­shine, Why Lin­ger in Shade?
  11. Come Thou in­to the Ark of the Lord
  12. Duty Next, The
  13. Enter into Thy Clos­et
  14. Fear Not the Foe’s Ad­vance
  15. Freely, Free­ly God Hath Blessed
  16. From a Riv­en Side It Flow­eth
  17. Gifts We Bring
  18. Go Forth, Go Forth, Though Weep­ing
  19. Go Quick­ly, Go
  20. Go Ye in­to All the World
  21. God Be with Thee
  22. Heavenly Fath­er, We Thy Ser­vants
  23. He Knows It All
  24. His An­ger Is Turned Away
  25. Hold Up the Cross
  26. How Oft Would I Have Gath­ered Thee
  27. I Am On­ly a Lit­tle Rose-Bud
  28. I Know
  29. I Will Go in the Strength of the Lord
  30. I Would Be a Li­ly Fair
  31. If You Are a Sol­dier in the Ar­my of the Lord
  32. Jesus Loves the Lit­tle Child­ren
  33. Lo I Am with You, Sweet Words of Cheer
  34. Mary Stood Be­side the Tomb
  35. Mother’s Voice Is Call­ing, A
  36. My Soul for the Sav­ior Is Wait­ing
  37. O How Bless­ed Is the Ser­vice
  38. O How Can We Sail ov­er Life’s Rough Sea
  39. O How Faith­ful Is the Say­ing
  40. O I Am So Hap­py All the Day
  41. O Je­sus, Our Shep­herd, How Sweet Is Thy Voice
  42. O’er the Earth the Flow­ers Grow
  43. Pray With­out Ceas­ing
  44. Press on Ye Blood Bought Le­gions
  45. Quit You Like Men
  46. Return, Re­turn
  47. Send Out Thy Light and Truth, O Lord
  48. Showers of Bles­sing
  49. Since I Came at Je­sus’ Bid­ding
  50. Soldiers of the Sun­day School Ar­my
  51. Someone To­day Will Seek Thy Face
  52. Sunday School Ar­my Here Gath­ered Are We, A
  53. There Are Life Sav­ing Sta­tions Along the Shore
  54. There Is an Old­en Sto­ry
  55. There’s No Con­dem­na­tion
  56. Though Num­bered with the Sin De­filed
  57. ’Tis a Faith­ful Say­ing
  58. Transformed
  59. True and Faith­ful Is the Prom­ise
  60. Unanswered Yet?
  61. Wast Thou Smit­ten?
  62. We Are Ev­er March­ing On
  63. We Are March­ing On
  64. We Are Youth­ful Sol­diers
  65. We Who Have Be­lieved Do En­ter in­to Rest
  66. What Are You Trust­ing in, Broth­er?
  67. What Have I Done to Show My Love?
  68. What if To­day the Sun Is Hid?
  69. What Is the Theme of Joy To­day?
  70. What Will You Do?
  71. While Sab­bath Bells Their Sweet­est
  72. Whither Do You Jour­ney, Sail­or?
  73. Who’ll Do His Best to Hon­or Our Je­sus?
  74. Why Will Ye Die, When Prom­ised Life Eter­nal?
  75. With Ho­san­nas Loud Make the Wel­kin Ring
  76. Would You See Je­sus?
  77. You Ask Me How I Gave My Heart to Christ?