February 21, 1856, Pine Plains, New York.

April 19, 1946, Meredith, New Hampshire.

Rhinebeck Cemetery, Rhinebeck, New York.

Ophelia was the daughter of Will­iam Gar­ret­son Brown­ing, a Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal minister, and Su­san Re­bec­ca Webb. She married twice, to Tho­mas E. Bur­roughs (1884), Art­hur Prince Ad­ams (1905).

  1. Above the Clouds of Unbelief
  2. An Army Is Coming, Their Footsteps We Hear
  3. Awake, Awake, the Trumpet Sounds the Call
  4. Awake the Songs of Gladness
  5. Blessed Redeemer, Great Is Thy Love
  6. Breathe Down upon Us, Holy Ghost
  7. Can a Mother Forget the Child of Her Love?
  8. Children in the Temple Cry
  9. Clouds May Come in Sable, The
  10. Come into the Sunshine, Why Linger in Shade?
  11. Come Thou into the Ark of the Lord
  12. Duty Next, The
  13. Enter into Thy Closet
  14. Fear Not the Foe’s Advance
  15. Freely Freely God Hath Blessed
  16. From a Riven Side It Floweth
  17. Gifts We Bring
  18. Go Forth, Go Forth, Though Weeping
  19. Go Quickly, Go
  20. Go Ye into All the World
  21. God Be with Thee
  22. Heavenly Father, We Thy Servants
  23. He Knows It All
  24. His Anger Is Turned Away
  25. Hold Up the Cross
  26. How Oft Would I Have Gathered Thee
  27. I Am Only a Little Rose-Bud
  28. I Know
  29. I Will Go in the Strength of the Lord
  30. I Would Be a Lily Fair
  31. If You Are a Soldier in the Army of the Lord
  32. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  33. Lo I Am with You Sweet Words of Cheer
  34. Mary Stood Beside the Tomb
  35. Mother’s Voice Is Calling, A
  36. My Soul for the Savior Is Waiting
  37. O How Blessed Is the Service
  38. O How Can We Sail over Life’s Rough Sea
  39. O How Faithful Is the Saying
  40. O I Am So Happy All the Day
  41. O Jesus, Our Shepherd, How Sweet Is Thy Voice
  42. O’er the Earth the Flowers Grow
  43. Pray Without Ceasing
  44. Press on Ye Blood Bought Legions
  45. Quit You Like Men
  46. Return, Return
  47. Send Out Thy Light and Truth, O Lord
  48. Showers of Blessing
  49. Since I Came at Jesus’ Bidding
  50. Soldiers of the Sunday School Army
  51. Someone Today Will Seek Thy Face
  52. Sunday School Army Here Gathered Are We, A
  53. There Are Life Saving Stations Along the Shore
  54. There Is an Olden Story
  55. There’s No Condemnation
  56. Though Numbered with the Sin Defiled
  57. ’Tis a Faithful Saying
  58. Transformed
  59. True and Faithful Is the Promise
  60. Unanswered Yet?
  61. Wast Thou Smitten
  62. We Are Ever Marching On
  63. We Are Marching On
  64. We Are Youthful Soldiers
  65. We Who Have Believed Do Enter into Rest
  66. What Are You Trusting in, Brother?
  67. What Have I Done to Show My Love for Him Who Died?
  68. What if Today the Sun Is Hid?
  69. What Is the Theme of Joy Today?
  70. What Will You Do?
  71. While Sabbath Bells Their Sweetest
  72. Whither Do You Journey, Sailor?
  73. Who’ll Do His Best to Honor Our Jesus?
  74. Why Will Ye Die, When Promised Life Eternal?
  75. With Hosannas Loud Make the Welkin Ring
  76. Would You See Jesus?
  77. You Ask Me How I Gave My Heart to Christ?