1680, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Eng­land.

1732, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Eng­land.

Meeting house, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Eng­land.

After studying for the ministry under John Moore of Bridge­wa­ter, Browne became pas­tor of an Independent church in Ports­mouth, then, in 1716, of the Independent Chapel in Old Jewry, Lon­don.

His later years were clouded by a peculiar de­lu­sion in which he imagined that God had in a gradual manner annihilated in him the thinking substance, and utterly divested him of consciousness. However, he was still a prodigious writer, producing 20 publications, including:

  1. And Now, My Soul, Another Year
  2. Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
  3. Eternal God, Almighty Cause
  4. Eternal God, of Beings First
  5. Frequent the Day of God Returns
  6. Great God, My Joyful Thanks to Thee
  7. Great God, Thy Peerless Excellence
  8. Great Lord of Earth and Seas and Skies
  9. Great Ruler of the Earth and Sky
  10. Hail, Happy Day!
  11. Hail, Holy Spirit, Bright, Immortal Dove
  12. I Cannot Shun the Stroke of Death
  13. Jesus, My Savior and My God
  14. Lord, at Thy Feet We Sinners Lie
  15. Lord, Thou Art Good; All Nature Shows
  16. Lord, What a Feeble Frame Is Ours
  17. O God, on Thee We All Depend
  18. Shine Forth, O Sun of Boundless Love
  19. Yes, Lord, My Joyful Thanks to Thee
  1. Dorchester
  2. Isle of Wight