1680, Shep­ton Mal­let, So­mer­set, Eng­land.

1732, Shep­ton Mal­let, So­me­rset, Eng­land.

Meeting house, Shep­ton Mal­let, So­mer­set, Eng­land.

After stu­dy­ing for the min­is­try un­der John Moore of Bridge­wa­ter, Browne became pas­tor of an In­de­pen­dent church in Ports­mouth, then, in 1716, of the In­de­pen­dent Cha­pel in Old Jew­ry, Lon­don.

His lat­er years were cloud­ed by a pe­cul­iar de­lu­sion in which he im­ag­ined that God had in a gra­du­al man­ner an­ni­hi­lat­ed in him the think­ing sub­stance, and ut­ter­ly di­vest­ed him of con­scious­ness. How­ev­er, he was still a pro­di­gious writ­er, pro­duc­ing 20 pub­li­ca­tions, in­clud­ing:

  1. And Now, My Soul, An­oth­er Year
  2. Come, Holy Spirit, Heav­en­ly Dove
  3. Eternal God, Al­migh­ty Cause
  4. Eternal God, of Be­ings First
  5. Frequent the Day of God Re­turns
  6. Great God, My Joy­ful Thanks to Thee
  7. Great God, Thy Peerl­ess Ex­cel­lence
  8. Great Lord of Earth and Seas and Skies
  9. Great Rul­er of the Earth and Sky
  10. Hail, Hap­py Day!
  11. Hail, Ho­ly Spirit, Bright, Im­mor­tal Dove
  12. I Can­not Shun the Stroke of Death
  13. Jesus, My Sav­ior and My God
  14. Lord, at Thy Feet We Sin­ners Lie
  15. Lord, Thou Art Good; All Na­ture Shows
  16. Lord, What a Fee­ble Frame Is Ours
  17. O God, on Thee We All De­pend
  18. Shine Forth, O Sun of Bound­less Love
  19. Yes, Lord, My Joy­ful Thanks to Thee
  1. Dorchester
  2. Isle of Wight