Phebe Brown

May 1, 1783, Canaan, New York.

October 10, 1861, Marshall, Illinois.


Brown was orphaned at the age of two. At age nine, she began living with a relative who ran a county jail. There, says her son:

…were years of intense and cruel suffering. The tale of her early life, which she has left her children, is a narrative of such deprivations, cruel treatment, and toil, as it breaks my heart to read.

At age 18, kind people sent her to school at Claverack, New York, where she learned to write, and converted to Christ. In 1805, she married Timothy H. Brown, a painter, and subsequently lived at East Windsor and Ellington, Connecticut; Monson, Massachusetts; and Marshall, Illinois.

Most of her hymns were written at Monson, Massachusetts. Through a life of poverty and trial she was a most devoted mother, wife, and Christian. Her son, Samuel R. Brown, became the first American missionary to Japan, and two of her grandchildren followed in his footsteps.

  1. As Once the Savior Took His Seat
  2. Assembled at Thine Altar, Lord
  3. Child, You’re Old Enough to Know
  4. Far From the Utmost Verge of Day
  5. Go, Messenger of Love, and Bear
  6. Grant the Abundance of the Sea
  7. Great God, We Would to Thee Make Known
  8. Hail, Happy Day! Thou Day of Holy Rest
  9. Happy, Happy Child Am I
  10. How Sweet the Melting Lay
  11. I Love to Steal Awhile Away
    • Yes, When This Toilsome Day Is Gone
  12. Jesus, This Midday Hour of Prayer
  13. Just Now a Fragile Blossom Grew
  14. Long Time Ago, When Janett Was a Child, A
  15. Lord, I Would Be a Child of Thine
  16. O, if I Were a Robin, I’d Soon Be on the Wing
  17. O Lord, Thy Work Revive
  18. O Pray for the Sailor
  19. O Sinner, Mark Thy Fate
  20. See That Heathen Mother Stand
  21. Stand Fast in the Faith
  22. To Christ, in Each Fresh Hour of Woe
  23. We Come, O Lord, Before Thy Throne
  24. Welcome, Ye Hopeful Heirs of Heaven