Early 20th Century

Brown’s works in­clude:

  1. Brother, What if Your Loved One Should Be Lost?
  2. Cloud of Witnesses Surround, A
  3. I Am Going to My Father
  4. I Am Looking Today for My Lord’s Appearing
  5. I Know Not Why the Prince of Peace
  6. I Want to Be Free from the Chains of Sin
  7. I’ve Placed My Life in Jesus’ Care
  8. Jerusalem, My Happy Home, My Feet Are Bound
  9. Jesus, My Lord, Is Real to Me
  10. Lift Up Your Eyes, Brother
  11. My Faith Hath Seen the Blessed King of Kings
  12. My Record Will Be There
  13. No Water Can Wash Out the Trail of Sin
  14. O Have You a Burden Too Heavy to Bear?
  15. O I’ve Had a Wireless Message from the King
  16. O What Will You Do Then with Jesus?
  17. Open the Door, Let in the Air
  18. Pray
  19. Revive Us Again, Let Blessings Like Rain
  20. Saved by Believing
  21. Savior Came unto His Own, The
  22. Sing About Jesus, as We Go
  23. There Was a Man of Our Town
  24. There’s a Hope
  25. There’s a Judgment Day, and We Drift That Way
  26. ’Tis the Old Ship of Zion
  27. What Can Cleanse My Scarlet Sin?
  28. Why Should I Not Be Happy?
  29. Ye Must Be Born Again