19th Century

We have lit­tle da­ta on this au­thor. Brown was her mar­ried name.

  1. At Home, Abroad, by Day or Night
  2. At Ja­cob’s Well a Strang­er Sought
  3. Battle Cry Is Sound­ing, The
  4. Beautiful An­gels, Where Are Ye?
  5. Behold, the Bride­groom Com­eth
  6. Come, Child­ren, Come
  7. Ears of Mine, Hear Not
  8. Father, Hear Thy Child­ren Cry
  9. Father, I Came to Thee
  10. Go For­ward, Right For­ward
  11. Hail to the Op­en­ing Year
  12. Heavenly Fa­ther, I Am Thread­ing
  13. I Am Per­suad­ed Now, Lord
  14. I Am So Hap­py All Day Long
  15. I Ne­ver Will Speak a Wick­ed Word
  16. I Will Praise Him
  17. I Will Pray
  18. I Wish I Could See Je­sus
  19. I’m Go­ing to Be a Sol­dier
  20. I’m Watch­ing for My Lord
  21. Jesus Help Me, I Have Striv­en
  22. Jesus Is Rea­dy, Yes Rea­dy to Save
  23. Jesus, Shep­herd of the Sheep
  24. Jesus, Would That I Could Tell Thee
  25. Joyful Day Will Sure­ly Come, The
  26. Let the Tid­ings Roll, Over the Sea
  27. My Heart Is Light and Free
  28. My Pre­cious Bi­ble
  29. My Son, In­cline Thy Youth­ful Ear
  30. O Thou Un­seen, but Pre­sent Christ
  31. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
  32. Round the Spring, Laugh and Sing
  33. United
  34. We Are Com­ing
  35. When the Bur­den of Toil Press­es Hard
  36. Working, O Christ, with Thee
  37. Would You See Our Je­sus?
  38. Yes, I Am Wait­ing, Lord