19th Century
  1. At Home, Abroad, by Day or Night
  2. At Jacob’s Well a Stranger Sought
  3. Battle Cry Is Sounding, The
  4. Beautiful Angels, Where Are Ye?
  5. Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh
  6. Come, Children, Come
  7. Ears of Mine, Hear Not
  8. Father, Hear Thy Children Cry
  9. Father, I Came to Thee
  10. Go Forward, Right Forward
  11. Hail to the Opening Year
  12. Heavenly Father, I Am Threading
  13. I Am Persuaded Now, Lord
  14. I Am So Happy All Day Long
  15. I Never Will Speak a Wicked Word
  16. I Will Praise Him
  17. I Will Pray
  18. I Wish I Could See Jesus
  19. I’m Going to Be a Soldier
  20. I’m Watching for My Lord
  21. Jesus Help Me, I Have Striven
  22. Jesus Is Ready, Yes Ready to Save
  23. Jesus, Shepherd of the Sheep
  24. Jesus, Would That I Could Tell Thee
  25. Joyful Day Will Surely Come, The
  26. Let the Tidings Roll, Over the Sea
  27. My Heart Is Light and Free
  28. My Precious Bible
  29. My Son, Incline Thy Youthful Ear
  30. O Thou Unseen, but Present Christ
  31. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
  32. Round the Spring, Laugh and Sing
  33. United
  34. We Are Coming
  35. When the Burden of Toil Presses Hard
  36. Working, O Christ, with Thee
  37. Would You See Our Jesus?
  38. Yes, I Am Waiting, Lord