June 20, June 1694, Randerup, South Juthlandia, Denmark.

June 3, June 1764, Ribe, Denmark.

Ribe Cathedral, Ribe, Denmark.

Son of a priest, Brorson studied theology in Copenhagen, and was ordained in 1721. He served in Randerup, Tönder; as dean at Ribe Cathedral; and as Bishop at Ribe from 1741. He published a hymn book in 1732 including Christmas hymns, followed by others. He is one of the three great Danish hymn writers besides Thomas Kingo and Nikolai Grundtvig.

  1. Den store hvide Flok vi se
  2. Her kommer, Jesus dina smaa
  3. Jeg gaar i Fare, hvor jeg gaar
  4. O Hellig Aand! mit Hierte
  1. Hvorledes Skal Jeg Møde