June 20, 1813, Salem, Massachusetts.

June 14, 1883, Newport, Rhode Island.


Brooks graduated from Harvard in 1832, and the Cambridge Divinity School in 1835. In that year he began his ministry in Nahant, Massachusetts, subsequently preaching in Bangor and Augusta, Maine; Windsor, Vermont; and Newport, Rhode Island (1837–71). In 1853, he visited India in the hope of improving his health. He retired in 1871 due to failing eyesight.

  1. And the Sun He Set Out on His Mighty
  2. At Thy Call, O Voice Divine
  3. Break of Morn and May, The
  4. Brook Said to Stream: Ah Me! Swallowed So Suddenly
  5. Come Forth, O Christian Children
  6. Earth Rolls Round from Day to Night
  7. Father, Beneath Thy Chastening Stroke
  8. God Bless Our Native Land
  9. God Is in the Heavens Above Us
  10. Golden Gleams of Noonday Fell
  11. Great God, Within These Temple Gates
  12. Great Lord of All, Our Father, God
  13. Heavenward Swells Our Fervent Song
  14. I Know Not Whither I Go
  15. I Say to Every Man I Meet
  16. Lamb of God’s Fold, ’Tis Well with Thee
  17. Life Is a Sea, Like Ships We Meet
  18. O Friend, Endeared to Heart and Mind
  19. O God, in Thine Autumnal Skies
  20. O Heart Brightener
  21. O Make Our House Thy Sanctuary
  22. O Praise the Lord, Ye Youthful Choirs, Adore Him
  23. Once More on Balmy Wings
  24. Poor Ye Always Have with You, The
  25. Rejoice, O Weary Soul
  26. Spirits of the Mighty Dead
  27. Spring Is Abroad on the New Born Earth
  28. Summer Days Once More Are Coming
  29. Voice from the Sea to the Mountains, A
  30. Why Need I Pine for Stores of Wealth?
  31. Word, Whose Creative Thrill Wakes in All Nature Still