April 15, 1845, Jacksonville, Illinois.

November 11, 1914, Covington, Kentucky.

Linden Grove Cemetery, Covington, Kentucky.


Son of minister Benjamin Franklin Bristow, Frank was a well known composer and teacher of popular and religious music.

  1. All the World in Darkness
  2. Come to Jesus, Sinner, come
  3. Hark, Your Captain Cries
  4. I Will Love Thee, I Will Love Thee
  5. Like Buds and Blossoms
  6. Lily of the Valley
  7. O the Old House at Home
  8. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Lost Is Found
  9. Sing the Tuneful Lay
  10. Singing a Song, a Song of Jubilee
  11. We Are Christian Soldier Boys
  12. Weary of the Master’s Fight
  13. With Bright Banners Unfurled

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