19th & 20th Century

The 1918 issue of the Woman’s Missionary Friend stated Brewster was living in Dayton, Ohio. Her works include:

  1. All Unaware, with None to Care
  2. And He Showed Me That Great City
  3. As on Through Life You Journey
  4. Gladdest Day, The
  5. Good Shepherd, The
  6. I Love the Lord Because He Hath
  7. If I Were a Christmas Bell
  8. Jesus Went All the Way to Calvary
  9. Let’s Remember God’s Goodness
  10. O Little Babe of Bethlehem
  11. On Calvary’s Cross One Day
  12. One Night There Came
  13. Softly the Winds Are Blowing
  14. Sweetest Story That Children Know, The
  15. Tell the Story, Waft It Out
  16. Thy Wondrous Works, Thy Love
  17. We Would Follow the Pathway of Service
  18. What Shall Little Children Bring?
  19. When Life’s Evening Draws Near