August 1, 1866, near Ad­e­laide, Aus­tral­ia.

October 16, 1949, Hahn­dorf, South Aus­tral­ia.

Hahn­dorf Cemetery, Hahn­dorf, South Aus­tral­ia.

Alfred was the son of Her­mann Gus­tav Adolph Brau­er and Jo­han­ne Hel­ene Schae­pe.

He studied law in Aus­tral­ia, then switched to theology and went to Amer­i­ca.

He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, Spring­field, Il­li­nois, in 1890, then returned to Aus­tral­ia to serve as a pastor. He also edited the Aus­tral­i­an Lu­ther­an, and contributed translations to the 1925 Aus­tral­i­an Lu­the­ran Hymn-Book. His works include:

  1. Praise the Almighty, My Soul (1925)