July 12, 1872, Monroe, Michigan.

September 5, 1918, Monroe, Michigan.

Woodland Cemetery, Michigan.

Bragdon was educated in the public schools of Monroe, Michigan, graduated from high school in 1893. He began to sell newspapers at 11 of age, and after leaving school, worked as a reporter until reaching legal age. He then worked city reporter at the Monroe Democrat and for five years. In April, 1900, he opened an office and handled various local papers, and eventually became editor of the Monroe Record. He married Carolyn Elizabeth Bissonette.

  1. Beyond the Shores of Death’s Dark River
  2. Bright o’er the Hills the Morning Is Beaming
  3. Come to the Savior, He Calls Thee
  4. How Great His Compassion Who Died
  5. I Left My Glorious Home on High
  6. Jesus Is Waiting, Waiting for Thee
  7. O Wondrous Compassion
  8. O’er the Tranquil Heaven
  9. Shout Aloud, Hosanna
  10. Softly Flitting o’er the Wall
  11. Underneath the Leafless Trees
  12. Underneath the Wintry Skies
  13. Welcome, Sweet Sabbath Morn
  14. When of Old in Their Faith
  15. When the Evening Shadows
  16. Which Shall It Be?
  17. Ye Have Done It unto Me
  1. Just Beyond the Shadows
  2. Missionary Hymn
  3. Peace on Earth