1892, Tennessee.

Boyd’s work began to appear in print around 1915, and he dedicated one of his songs to a Miss Elgil Bradford in Albertville, Alabama. The 1940 census shows him living in Sumter, Georgia.

  1. Hear the Story of the Savior
  2. How Happy I Am in My Savior
  3. I Am Happy Every Day in the Blessed Glory Way
  4. I Am Holding the Hand
  5. I Am in the Light Divine
  6. I Am Safe When Jesus Leads
  7. I Can See a Wondrous Cross
  8. I Trusted in Jesus for Comfort
  9. I Wandered in Sin and in Darkness Astray
  10. I’m Anchored Fast Beyond the Tide
  11. Is My Savior Walking with You?
  12. Jesus Will Always Be True
  13. Just to Look On the Face of My Savior Dear
  14. Listen, Thou My Friend, to the Savior’s Pleading
  15. Lord Is My Glory, The
  16. My Savior Is with Me
  17. My Savior Tenderly Cares for Me
  18. O Hear the Savior’s Pleading voice
  19. O Sinner, the Savior Is Pleading with You
  20. O Such Peace I Now Am Feeling
  21. O the Light of His Love Is Now Shining
  22. O Wanderer, Come to the Savior Today
  23. On Life’s Journey Here Below
  24. Onward, Forward We Are Going
  25. Outstretched Hand of Jesus, The
  26. Put Your Trust in Jesus
  27. Reach Out Thine Hand
  28. Savior Dear Is Now My Own, The
  29. Savior Dear Is Pleading Now, The
  30. Send the Waves of Praise Along
  31. Someone Is Walking the Pathway
  32. There Is Work for All to Do
  33. There’s No Story Half So Sweet
  34. We Are Nearing Heaven Every Day
  35. We Are On the Pilgrim’s Journey
  36. When God Is Near
  37. When My Savior Left His Home Above
  38. When You’re by Sorrows and Troubles Oppressed
  39. Won’t You Scatter Love and Peace?