June 11, 1859, near Har­ris­on­burg, Vir­gin­ia.

1944, Rockingham County, Vir­gin­ia.

Dayton Ce­me­te­ry, Dayton, Virginia.

John was the son of Jo­seph Bow­man and Sar­ah J. Flo­ry, and husband of Ma­ry E. Sto­ver.

He began studying music at an early age, and age 18, attended his first normal at New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia, conducted by Ben­ja­min Un­seld and P. J. Mer­ges. He later attended other normals and studied with many of America’s foremost teachers, including An­tho­ny Sho­wal­ter. It was from Sho­wal­ter’s South­ern Nor­mal Mu­si­cal In­sti­tute (SNMI) in Dal­ton, Geor­gia, that Bowman received his diploma.

Bowman was an assistant teacher at the SNMI, and later opened his own Amer­i­can Normal School of Music. As of 1904, he was living in Har­ris­on­burg, Vir­gin­ia, and was a stockholder in the A. J. Sho­wal­ter Com­pa­ny, a Gospel music publisher. His works in­clude:

  1. Are You One of the Ninety and Nine?
  2. Are You Walking in the Thorny Paths?
  3. Brother, Are You Walking?
  4. Child, in Thy Days of Tender Youth
  5. Father, Holy One, Bow Thine Ear
  6. I Am Clinging to the Blessed Cross
  7. I Am Clinging to the Rock
  8. I’m Waiting the Time When My Lord Shall Come
  9. In the Church Through Its Portals
  10. Jesus, Hear Me When I Cry
  11. Jesus Saved All Who Willingly Take Him
  12. Jesus Will Save You Today
  13. Knowledge of Christ, The
  14. My Savior Guides Me Day by Day
  15. O Father, Hear My Humble Prayer
  16. O Jesus, Take Me, I Come
  17. O See, the Wrecks Along the Way
  18. O Sinner, Why Tarry the Call to Obey?
  19. Prince of Peace, the Most Holy, The
  20. Reapers Sing as They Toil, The
  21. Saving Faith in Him
  22. See the Mighty Army Now Advancing
  23. Send the Message into All the World
  24. Shepherd’s Fold, The
  25. Some Day I’ll Meet My Blessed Lord
  26. Sweet the Holy Name of Jesus
  27. There’s a Beautiful Land Far Away
  28. They Crucified My Savior
  29. We Are Marching Home
  30. When Hope Sings in the Storm
  31. When Jesus Comes to Earth Again
  32. When the Bridegroom Cometh
  33. When the Lord of Heaven and Earth Appears
  34. When the Trumpet Shall Sound
  35. Where Jesus Dwells I Want to Be
  36. Working for Jesus Our Lord

Bowman’s date of death