August 24, 1846, Kent, England.

March 22, 1929, Gold­ers Green, Hen­don, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

William was the son of civil servant Ste­phen Bourne.

He was educated at Mer­chant Tay­lor’s School and the Lon­don College of Divinity.

Taking Holy Orders in 1869, he became successively Curate of Holy Trinity, Der­by; Har­row-on-the-Hill; St. Paul’s, St. Leo­nards-on-Sea; Ash­ford, Kent; in 1875, Vicar of Pin­ner, Mid­dle­sex; and in 1880, Vicar of All Saints, Hag­ger­stone.

He contributed poems to Church Bells and other periodicals, and in 1879 became editor of The Mission Field for the Society for the Promotion of Christ­ian Knowledge. In 1900, he became Rector of Finch­ley. His works include:

  1. Children’s Voices Strive Not Vainly
  2. Christ, Who Once Among Us
  3. Enter with Thanksgiving
  4. Evening Shadowy Dimness, The
  5. For the Freshness of the Morning
  6. In the Name of God the Father
  7. Sower Went Forth Sowing, The
  8. Through the Feeble Twilight