June 11, 1819, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

June 6, 1901, Montclair, New Jersey.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Bourne, a social reformer and author, served as chaplain of Central Park Hospital, a military hospital in New York City. He also edited The Soldiers’ Friend, a newsletter for Civil War veterans. His works include:

  1. Come in Life’s Young, Golden Morning
  2. Come In, Little Stranger
  3. Eternal God, We Come to Thee
  4. From the Wide, Far Stretching Prairies
  5. Go Ye to the Land of the Cedar and Vine
  6. Never Say, I Can’t, My Dear
  7. Swift the Days Are Onward Flying
  8. Watching on Judea’s Plain
  9. We Gladly Come Today

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