April 3, 1772, Fordhays, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

October 11, 1852, Staffordshire, England.

Englesea Brook Chapel, Englesea Brook, Cheshire, England.

Bourne joined the Methodist movement in 1799, and in 1800 went to live near the Mow Cop Colliery (near Burslem), where he had secured an engagement. With two or three other similarly minded men there, he carried on a system of prayer meetings, which culminated in a great camp meeting, after the American fashion, on the Mow Cop Mountain, Sunday, May 31, 1807. Other camp meetings followed, but were condemned by the Wesleyan Conference later that year. However, Bourne continued his evangelistic work in connection with the Wesleyan Society until June 27, 1808, when he was excommunicated, without notice or trial, by the Quarterly Meeting held at Burslem that day. Subsequent acts of coolness and indifference on the part of the Wesleyan authorities, together with continued success in his evangelistic work, led him gradually to organize the Primitive Methodist Connexion. The decisive break occurred in 1810, and from then until his death, he gave himself to the work of extending and building up the Society of which he was the principal founder. He was the first editor of its magazine, and the first to compile a hymnal for its use.

  1. Almighty God, of Love Divine
  2. Assist Us, O Almighty Lord
  3. Camp-Meetings with Success Are Crowned
    • Camp-Meetings God Has Richly Owned
    • This Meeting with Thy Presence Crown
  4. Come, Let Us Lift Our Heart and Voice
  5. Come, with Your Sore Diseases
  6. Encouraged by Thy Gracious Word
  7. Great Jehovah, Sovereign Lord
  8. Hark! The Gospel News Is Sounding
  9. Jesus, My Lord, Was Crucified
  10. Jesus, Who Spilt His Precious Blood
  11. Led by the God of Truth and Grace
  12. Light of the Gentile Race
  13. My Brethren of the Lord
    • Ye Followers of the Lord
  14. My Soul Is Now United
    • By Faith I Am United
  15. Now, Lord, I on Thy Truth Depend
    • O Lord, I on Thy Truth Depend
  16. Now, Lord, Thy Blessing We Implore
  17. O, Heavenly Zion, Rise
    • Arise, O Zion, Rise
  18. O Righteous Father, Lord of All
  19. Pharisee Unwisely Stood, A
  20. See, in th Mountain of the Lord
  21. Tho’ in a World of Sickness
    • While in This World of Sickness
  22. To Thee, Great Source of Light
  23. To Thee, O God of Power Divine
  24. We Have a Great High Priest
  25. We Are Now Journeying to the Place
  26. We Read in Thy Most Holy Word
  27. Welcome, O Savior to My Heart
  28. Ye Sleeping Souls, Arise