Circa 1510, Paris, France.

August 25, 1572, Paris, France, in the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (McCutchan, p. 24).

Bourgeois followed John Calvin to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1541. He became a cantor at the Church of St. Pierre, and edited the Genevan Psalter. At one point, he was jailed for modifying some well known tunes. Fortunately, hymnists do not face such strict penalties today. Bourgeois reportedly left Geneva in 1557. His works include:

  1. Bourgeois
  2. Commandments
  3. Comme an Agneau
  4. Genevan Psalm CX
  5. Genevan Psalm CXVIII
  6. Genevan Psalm XII
  7. Le Cantique de Siméon
  8. L’Omnipotent
  9. O Esca Viatorum
  10. Old 100th
  11. Old 107th
  12. Old 122nd
  13. Rendez à Dieu
  14. St. Michael