May 15, 1807, Vasteras, Sweden.

December, 22 1878.

Uppsala, Sweden.


Son of pharmacist Charles Frederick Böttiger, Carl began studies in Uppsala in 1825, and received his Master of Arts degree in 1833. In 1834, he became associate professor of practical philosophy, then traveled in Germany, Austria, Italy and France (1835–36). From 1839–40 he lectured in German and Italian literature. In 1845 he became a professor in linguistics and modern literature, but had to quit in 1867 due to eye problems.

Böttiger’s writing debut was in 1830, with Ungdomsminnen Från Sångens Stunder, an example of romantic poetry. He was long a noted writer of patriotic verse, but his greatest contribution was as a teacher and literary scholar, and he greatly helped the scientific study of modern languages ​​at Uppsala University. He himself was interested primarily in Italian and Dante, and in a lifetime of study wrote Italienska Studier (1853), Om Dantes Lif Och Skrifter (1865), and Dantes Commedia Divina (1875).

Böttiger also published a biography of his father-in-law, Esaias Tegner, in his Samlade Skrifter (1847–51).

  1. Fram en suck sig smyger
    • With My Deepest Feeling