August 28, 1860, Jamestown, Ohio.

August 28, 1929, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Old Silver Creek Cemetery, Jamestown, Ohio.


Mattie’s parents were Edward and Martha A. Lockhart Boteler.

She contributed to a number of magazines, such as the Youth’s Companion, the Home Journal, and the Independent. In addition, she edited the Lookout (1891–1911). Her works include:

  1. As the Lord Once Called to the Ones He Loved
  2. Go and Preach My Kingdom Cometh
  3. Gracious Word of Peace Comes, A
  4. Hear the Call That’s Ever Sounding
  5. Hosts of the Lord Are Assembling, The
  6. I Know God Cares
  7. I’m Glad When in the Blessed Book My Lord and I
  8. O What Must I Do to Be Saved?
  9. Sunlight All the Way
  10. Think It Not Strange When o’er Your Soul
  11. Wheat and the Tares, The
  12. When I Hear the Story of Jesus

Boteler’s full name