June 10, 1790, Geneva, Switzerland.

December 24, 1874, La Force, Dordogne, France.


After studying theology at the Moravian Institute at Neuwied and at the University of Geneva, Bost was an itinerant preacher in Switzerland, Germany and France. In 1825, he co-founded the Reformed Free Church of Geneva. From 1828–37 he worked as an evangelist in Carouge, where he was baptized by Samuel Heinrich Froehlich. From 1846–48 he worked as a prison chaplain in Melun in Paris.

In 1814, Bost married Jeanne Françoise Pattay. Their son John became a priest and made a name for himself as a social pioneer.

In 1841, Bost & César Malan published Chants de Sion.

  1. Amour de Mon Sauveur
  2. Gratitude
  3. Normandy
  4. Oberlin

Bost’s burial place