1472, Esslingen, Würt­tem­berg, Ger­ma­ny.

1539, Augs­burg, Germany.

Johann was the son of Hein­rich Bösch­en­stein of Stein am Rein.

He took Holy Orders, and in 1505, became a He­brew tutor at In­gol­stadt.

Leaving this in 1514, he went to Aug­sburg, where he published a He­brew Gram­mar in 1514. In 1518, by recommendation of Reuch­lin, he was invited to become a Greek and He­brew tutor in Wit­ten­berg, where he had Phil­ipp Mel­anc­thon as a pupil.

In 1519, he went to Nur­em­burg; in 1521 to Hei­del­berg; and in 1522 to An­twerp.

After a short stay in Zür­ich, where he taught He­brew to Zwing­li, in 1523 he settled in Augs­burg, where he received a royal license to teach He­brew.

  1. Da Je­sus an des Kreuz­es Stamm