August 26, 1862, Pen­zance, Corn­wall (his birth name was recorded as Her­bert Hen­ry).

September 25, 1926, Yon­kers, New York.

Kensico Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, New York.


Herbert was the son of Salvation Army (SA) founders Will­iam Booth and Cath­er­ine Mum­ford.

Het attended Al­les­ley Park College, Cov­en­try, and the Congregational Institute, Not­ting­ham, Eng­land.

In the early 1880’s, he was active in SA work in France, and wrote some of his early songs in French. In 1883, he helped found the SA musical department at Clap­ton. He went on to direct SA work in Eng­land (1888), Can­a­da (1892–95), and Aus­tral­ia (1891–1901). Around 1902, he went on extensive lecture tours in Amer­i­ca, South Af­ri­ca, Aus­tral­ia, and New Zea­land.

Booth’s works include:

  1. All I Have
  2. Before Thy Face, Dear Lord
  3. Blessed Lord, in Thee Is Refuge
  4. Cleansing for Me
  5. From Every Stain Made Clean
  6. Golden City, The
  7. I Bring My Heart to Jesus
  8. I Bring to Thee My Heart to Fill
  9. I’m Believing and Receiving
  10. Let Me Heart Thy Voice Now Speaking
  11. Let Me Love Thee
  12. Love of Love So Wondrous
  13. Mighty to Keep
  14. My Mind upon Thee, Lord, Is Stayed
  15. O Wanderer, Knowing Not the Smile
  16. Penitent’s Plea, The
  17. Promoted to Glory
  18. Savior, Hear Me While Before Thy Feet
  19. Summoned Home
  20. Tell It to Jesus
  21. There Are Wants My Heart Is Telling
  22. To Me, Dear Savior
  23. To the Front
  24. When My Heart Was So Hard
  25. Why Are You Doubting and Fearing?
  26. With My Heart So Bright in the Heavenly Light
  27. With My Heart So Full of Sadness
  28. Within My Heart, O Lord, Fulfill
  1. God Is Keeping His Soldiers Fighting
  2. Lincolnshire
  3. Never Mind, Go On!
  4. Puigcerdà