Frederick St. George de Lautour Tucker

March 21, 1853, Monghyr, India.

July 17, 1929, London, England.

Abney Park Cemetery, London, England.


Booth served with the British army in Bengal, then joined the Salvation Army (SA) in 1881. Based on his prior experience, the SA sent him back to India in 1882. To reach the untouchables, he adopted their dress and became known as Fakir Singh, the Lion of God. He was promoted to Commissioner, and in 1891 was transferred to SA international headquarters, where he and his second wife, Emma Booth, worked as joint Commissioners for Foreign Affairs. They were sent to America in 1896; Emma died there in a train wreck in 1903. Frederick returned to SA International Headquarters in 1904, where he became Foreign Secretary. He married his third wife, SA Colonel Minnie Reid, in 1906, and the next year they were transferred to India. The Viceroy awarded Frederick the medal of Kaiser-i-Hind in 1913. He returned to Britain in 1919, and retired from the SA in 1924.

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