February 20, 1855, Moate, County Westmeath, Ireland (born Arthur Clibborn, he took the Booth surname after marriage).

February 12, 1939, Islington, London, England.


Son of linen mill owner James Clibborn, Arthur attended schools in France and Switzerland, graduating from Lausanne University. Though raised a Quaker, he joined the Salvation Army (SA), and went to Paris, France, in 1881, where he edited the paper Avant. The next year, he began organizing SA meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. He changed his name to Booth-Clibborn in 1887 after marrying Catherine Booth, eldest daughter of SA founder William Booth. The two of them worked for the SA in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. In 1901, Arthur left the SA to join American evangelist John Dowie. Author of over 300 and hymns, Arthur’s works include:

  1. Last Trumpet, The
  2. O God of Light