May 1, 1859, Southwark, London, England.

June 16, 1938, Muswell Hill, London, England.

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A Baptist minister’s son, Bonner attended the Plaistow School, and Rawdon Baptist College in Leeds. He was ordained in 1884, and pastored at in Sale, Cheshire (1884–95), and the Portland Chapel, Southampton (1895–1900). He went on to become involved in the British Sunday School movement, starting as secretary in 1900, then serving as president of the National Sunday School Union (1922–23), and of the Baptist Union (1931–32). His works include:

  1. Father, Hear Thy Children’s Voices
  2. Gently a Voice Is Pleading
  3. God of Little Children
  4. In Hope, and Love, and Steadfast Faith
  5. Now When from One Another Parting
  6. We Join Our Hearts and Voices
  1. Adsum
  2. Baby Moses
  3. Bonner
  4. Come and See
  5. Greenwell
  6. Indre
  7. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Dawning
  8. Muswell Hill
  9. Sommerleid

Bonner’s burial place