April 13, 1757, Chester, England, in the house long occupied by Matthew Henry, the minister famous for his Bible commentaries.

June 4, 1841, Chesterfield, England.

Boden was educated for the Congregational ministry at Homerton College, Cambridge. In 1784, he became pastor of the Independent Chapel in Sheffield, and in 1796, of the Queen’s Street Chapel, Sheffield, where he served for 43 years.

In 1801, he assisted Dr. Williams, of the Masborough Theological College, near Sheffield, in compiling A Collection of Above Six Hundred Hymns Designed as a New Supplement to Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns (Doncaster, 1801). This collection is sometimes known as Williams and Boden

  1. Bright Source of Everlasting Love
  2. Come, All Ye Saints of God
  3. Come Death, Released from Dread
  4. Our Great High Priest We Sing
  5. Shall Sin, That Cruel Foe?
  6. Triumphant Sing Ye Favored Saints
  7. We Come, Dear Jesus, to Thy Throne
  8. Ye Dying Sons of Men