Jacques Blumenthal

October 4, 1829, Hamburg, Germany.

May 17, 1908, Chelsea, London.


At an early age, Blu­men­thal studied under Fried­rich Wil­helm Grund of Ham­burg, Carl Ma­ria von Boc­klet, and Si­mon Sech­ter. In 1846, he enrolled at the Con­serv­a­toire in Par­is, where he studied piano under Henri Herz and Fro­men­tal Hal­é­vy.

In 1848, Blu­men­thal moved to Lon­don, where he eventually became pianist to Queen Vic­to­ria, and was in demand as a teacher. He composed a number of works, the most popular of which were short piano pieces and songs, including The Message.

His widow, Lé­o­nie Sou­vor­off Gore Blu­men­thal, assigned the copyrights for his music to the Royal Society of Musicians.

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