1868, Sweden.

December 15, 1940, Santa Rosa, California.

Odd Fellows Cemetery, Santa Rosa, California.

Bloom emigrated to America as a child, was converted in a Salvation Army service and began preaching soon after his baptism by Advent Christian Elder J. August Smith. He assisted George Sederquist in a series of meetings in the Green Street Tabernacle, Chicago, Illinois, where he later served as pastor. In addition, he was a member of the Mission Band of the Moody Church of Chicago.

After having been licensed for a time, he was ordained by the Advent Christian Conference of Northern Illinois, meeting in Genoa, on March 7, 1892. After a period as an itinerant minister in Wisconsin, he held pastorates in Fairfield, Cobb, Mifflin, Monticello, and La Valle, where he stayed for many years. He was then pastor in Annandale, Minnesota, for eight years; Buchanan, Michigan for seven years; and finally at Blessed Hope Advent Christian Church, Chicago. Thereafter he did evangelistic work in West Virginia, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. Shortly before his death, he was honored by the Christian Burden Bearers’ Society as a prolific author and for his 48 years of ministry. His works include:

  1. As Our Father Knows His Own
  2. Beautiful Land of Glory
  3. Child of God, His Kingdom Seeking
  4. Have You All to Jesus Given?
  5. Hidden with Thee, How Blessed the Thought
  6. I Have Heard of a Bright and Blessed Country
  7. In the Shadow of His Wings
  8. I’ve Heard the Sweet Story of Jesus
  9. Jesus Died on Calvary’s Mountain
  10. Little While, and Then the Battle Ceases, A
  11. Many Changing Scenes I See
  12. O It Is Wonderful
  13. O List to My Words
  14. O Loyal Workers
  15. O Savior, Pilot
  16. Once a Lost Sinner
  17. Sinner, Come and Go with Me
  18. We’re Nearing Home
  19. What Shall I Do with Jesus?
  1. Baku
  2. Glendale
  3. Just Beyond
  4. Not Here, Where Sparkling Waters
  5. On the High Cliffs of Jordan