1835, Hamp­stead Nor­reys, Berk­shire, England.

July 9, 1904, Read­ing, Eng­land.


John was the son of John Blis­sard (Curate and Vicar of Hamp­stead Nor­reys for 46 years), and husband of Em­i­ly Car­o­line, eldest daughter of W. H. Stev­ens, Curate of Stoke next Guild­ford (married 1862, Farn­ham, Sur­rey).

He was educated at St. John’s College, Cam­bridge (like his father), taking his degree as a wrangler in 1858. Shortly after graduation, he was appointed mathematical master at Cheam College, which prepared boys for Eton and Har­row.

In 1860, he was appointed Curate of St. John’s, Tun­bridge Wells, where he started Sunday schools during his two year tenure. In 1862 he became Curate of Old Edg­bas­ton, and in 1868, Vicar of St. Au­gus­tine’s, Edg­bas­ton, Birm­ing­ham, serving there until 1903. In December 1892, he became rural dean of Birm­ing­ham.

He also served for 20 years as one of the honorary secretaries of the Hospital Sunday Collections Committee and as chairman of the Committee of Management of the Queen’s Hospital.

He was also chairman for many years of the Mag­da­len Institution, and was one of the founders of the University Graduates’ Club, founded in Birm­ing­ham in 1865, and of The Men­di­ci­ty Society (later renamed the Charity Or­gan­i­sa­tion Society).

Blissard’s works include:

  1. Others He Saved